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Opportunities :
Business Opportunities
Career Opportunities

Business Opportunities :
To become a part of a leading Organization which has huge brand equity.
Access to the extensive network of the company.
To be a part of the Industry which is growing @ 30% p.a. thereby providing huge business opportunities.
High returns on investment, which is directly proportional to the efforts put in by the Global Express Worldwide.
The opportunity, while promoting enterprenership amongst talented & enterprising people, also allows them to play a leading role in the development of the Courier industry.

The location of the Franchisee should be on the main road & situated on the ground floor. There should be a minimum of 250 square feet of office space preferably in a commercial location.
Franchisee should have a sound financial background in order to meet the requirements of the business.
Franchisee office should be equipped with telecommunication facilities preferably with a computerised environment, Email and Fax etc.
Franchisee should have required number of trained staff to manage the daily requirments of the business.
Franchisee has to pay a nominal deposit which is fully refundable.

We, at GLOBAL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE, believe in having an extensive network, which is a critical factor of our Courier industry. Hence by appointing GLOBAL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE we are looking forward to building a network of channel partners to increase the
distribution strength & network of the Company.

On approval of the application sent by the prospective Global Express Worldwide, the franchisee has to furnish an initial deposit and advance payment for issue of Consignment notes. Deposit is refundable on lapse of agreement or with due notices from either side
and does not carry any interest during the tenure of agreement.

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Career Opportunities
Please send your CV's in word document to support@globalexpressme.com
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